It is amazing how powerful a question can be. It can make connections and reveal your most authentic, successful self. The truth is whatever brought you to FlowCoach, the answer lies within. A coach’s role is to help you recognize what you may not know yet: You are the expert of your own experiences and only you know what you need to achieve happiness and success. Simply put: a coach is a strategic thought partner.

In partnership, Coach Christina Winters assists her clients with:

- Identifying goals
- Designing attainable steps to achieve those goals
- Providing tools that can be utilized and transferred into future situations
- Tracking progress
- Finding motivation to effectively realize your dreams

Taking a holistic view of her clients, Christina designs customized sessions that help her clients develop and maintain new skills, behaviors, and perspectives in order to achieve their dreams. A skilled listener, Christina makes connections that her clients might otherwise overlook, suggests interventions that can lead to heightened success and development, and targets growth opportunities.

Distinct from Therapy, Mentoring, or Counseling, Coaching focuses on issues of the present and the future. There is an active and dynamic aim at unleashing the client’s potential while facilitating new meanings– not for understanding the past but for effective, sustainable, positive change for the future– whether tangible or intangible, professional or personal.

In the end, happiness doesn’t occur by chance; it is cultivated, defended, and prepared for. FlowCoach helps clients, tentative about making a transition, gain clarity around what they truly enjoy and excel at, and then set goals to achieve a life and/or career that encompass both. In addition, we work with individuals who want to create relationships that honor one’s core values and bring enjoyment into one’s life. FlowCoach provides focused conversation and coaching tools that unleash your potential.

At FlowCoach we learn to recognize and use your wisdom to create a purpose-filled life.