Our Practice is Built on Four Tenets 

Our practice draws on cognitive and behavioral studies, positive psychology, and a humanistic approach. There is an emphasis on the belief that EQ, emotional intelligence, is a better predictor of personal and/or professional success than IQ, intelligence quotient. Inherently, at FlowCoach, we believe humans are creative beings with the desire and ability to grow.

Each of us is the expert of our own experiences

Only you know what you need in order to achieve happiness and success. Although you may not recognize it yet, you are your best advisor. For this reason, FlowCoach stands behind the belief that a good coach will only rarely, if ever, give advice. One of the greatest skills a person can develop is to become a better listener to the inner wisdom he or she has acquired over the course of his or her life.


We believe who you are today and where you want to go is a stronger determinant of triumph and fulfillment than who you were and what you did. Coach Christina Winters is ever mindful that staying in the Vision and Planning horizon of communication is far more effective at helping clients implement change.


As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village…’ Yet, in this day and age, who and what make up our villages? In the past, our aunts and uncles were nearby to help raise our children. Our elders lived down the road, eager to guide us through life’s challenges. Our top leaders all tell the story of someone who surrounded him or herself with the right people who asked the right questions. At FlowCoach we become part of your community, guiding you to ask the questions that will help you realize the life you were meant to live.


One of the pioneers of the scientific study of happiness, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, coined the term Flow: when one is so immersed in an activity one forgets oneself and begins to act effortlessly. In other words, Flow is a state in which one is flourishing as his or her authentic self. Our goal is to get you to achieve your optimal self again on a regular basis.